Monday, July 7, 2008

Susan's Holiday Weekend

We continue to stay very busy with John and Susan, exposing them to as much as possible during their West Coast stay.

David Robinson, who went with the Providence team to Uganda was kind enough to host a festive and scrumptious backyard barbecue that was attended by a fascinating group of people from far-flung places including Brazil and Austria. He's pictured here seated next to Sallie Tisdale who led the mission early this year.

After the party we all came home and enjoyed a spectacular fireworks display from the deck of our condo.

Within the last week Susan has experienced two films at IMAX (one of which left her a bit queasy and another that found her reflexively pulling her injured leg back from the jaws of a huge prehistoric shark that seemed about to swim into her lap!) and also the amazing (and highly recommended) Wall E flick from Pixar.

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