Monday, July 4, 2011

Friday, October 3, 2008

Studying at the Clinic

Susan has been attending school for just about a month now. She is studying math, geography, English and science, just to name a few. Here she is studying at the clinic in her new red uniform. The other picture is also at the clinic, with a volunteer and a child who attends the Ddegeya school, in the blue uniform. As you can see, she is happy.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Susan Starts School

This is a very exciting week for all of us, but most importantly, for Susan. On Monday, September 15th, Susan went back to school for the first time in many years. She will be attending a daily school from now until the end of January. This school will help prepare her for the big day in February when she transfers to the boarding school that she will attend until she graduates. She is so happy to have the opportunity to prepare for February and is taking her studying very seriously. These pictures are of Susan on her first day at the Sydney Paul Primary School.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Saying Goodbye for Now: Tunalabagana

John and Susan made it to the airport safely and boarded their flight around 1:30pm. They will travel through Newark and Amsterdam before landing in Uganda. They will travel approximately 28 hours in all, and be home around 8pm on Wednesday night, Ugandan time. Words cannot describe the success and scope of the past four months. It has been a long journey filled with friends, love and much healing. We will continue to post updates on Susan as she starts phase two of her new life in Uganda. Thank you all. Webale.

Day Before Leaving

Susan and John spent their last day in Boston getting packed and ready to leave. We did have a chance to stop by Karibu and say good bye to Amina. We also took some food to go and had a lovely Ugandan meal for our last night together. Packing and last minutes errands took most of the day, but we spent the time together. The top picture is John, Susan and Amina. The bottom picture is the Lamont family, Kevin, Pat, and Meredith, with John.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Thank you to Albany

Today, Susan and John left Albany and said good-bye for now. We would like to thank everyone in New York for their support and help along the way. The friendships made will last forever. The top picture is with Dr. Bob, the middle with the ladies, and the bottom with the "kids." Susan and John are now heading back to Boston to get ready for their journey home on Tuesday.