Thursday, April 24, 2008

Susan's Scholarship Fund-Compassion In Education


Susan Nabukenya is a 14 year-old from the village of Ddegeya in Uganda, an eastern African nation. Susan suffered 2nd and 3rd degree burns causing serious and debilitating injuries, as a result of being burned while performing household chores.

In addition, Susan’s mother died several years ago, and her sole caregiver is her grandfather, who is paralyzed and is unable to provide care for her injuries.

As a result of her injuries, and lack of access to health care, Susan has endured years of pain and has missed the equivalent of 7 years of school.

A team of caring and concerned people from numerous states, including Washington, North Carolina, Florida, Massachusetts, Georgia and New York, have banded together to assist Susan by helping to cover the many expenses associated with the long trip from her native country for treatment.

In addition to covering Susan’s travel expenses, the team has identified sponsors to provide housing, clothing and car travel for medical appointments. Her surgery is scheduled to take place later this spring, at a Boston-area hospital, and will include a lengthy period of rehabilitation.

We intend to provide Susan post-operative support by providing her access to the education she has largely had to forego, due to her injuries and scarring. The school, in Uganda, will provide Susan access to education, housing, and food. Your contributions and support will give Susan continued access to health care and educational opportunities, and provide her the means to provide for herself and be an active citizen in her village.

Click Here to Donate to the $7,000.00 needed to educate Susan. This is $1,000 per year!

Friday, April 18, 2008

Two (2) Twin Raised Aero Beds

Susan and John will need beds when they stay with the host in MA. We are in need of two (2) twin raised Aero Beds, mattress pads and 2 set of Jersey Knit sheets. Please let us know if you can help.

Thanks Team Susan

We have received the items requested. Thank you for sharing the news! Thank you for making the donation!

Susan and John's Daily Needs

Susan and John will be in Boston, MA for two months. There are a few things they will need to make their stay comfortable. If you are able to help, please let us know.

What do they need??

Gift cards to cover the cost of food and expenses while they are here.

Stores near Shriner's in Boston:
Whole Foods
Stop and Shop
Dunkin Donuts

Please send them to Team Susan c/o J. Lamont, P.O. Box 6585, Boston, MA 02114.

Thank you!! Theresa

Team Susan would like to thank the following for their generous donations!
R. Scully, C. McCullen, M. Coffey, T. D'Alba, J. Richardson, C. Gillis, K. Celio, C. Payne, M. DeVito and L. Caffyn.