Friday, April 18, 2008

Susan and John's Daily Needs

Susan and John will be in Boston, MA for two months. There are a few things they will need to make their stay comfortable. If you are able to help, please let us know.

What do they need??

Gift cards to cover the cost of food and expenses while they are here.

Stores near Shriner's in Boston:
Whole Foods
Stop and Shop
Dunkin Donuts

Please send them to Team Susan c/o J. Lamont, P.O. Box 6585, Boston, MA 02114.

Thank you!! Theresa

Team Susan would like to thank the following for their generous donations!
R. Scully, C. McCullen, M. Coffey, T. D'Alba, J. Richardson, C. Gillis, K. Celio, C. Payne, M. DeVito and L. Caffyn.


cac said...

Will you confirm that they are arriving Monday, May 12? The Engeye website says May 18.

Do either Susan or John speak English?

Would John be interested in being shown Boston while Susan recouperates? How would one make arrangements to take him somewhere?

Or, both of them when Susan feels better!

Anonymous said...

Sorry for the confusion. The arrival date is now May 12th. Susan does not speak English but John does and will serve as her translator. At this point we are unsure how Susan's surgery and recovery will go so we can't make any plans at this point. We hope to have a better sense in early June how she is doing and if John can have some time to see the sights in Boston. Please check back to this blog in early June and we should know more. Thank you so much for your best wishes!