Monday, July 14, 2008

Snow & Submarines!

Several members of the Providence team spent the day with John and Susan on Sunday playing in the snow on Mt. Hood and exploring some of the nearby forests and snow-melt streams. The day was spectacular, and the snow pleasantly overwhelming for our Ugandan guests!

The previous day was spent back at OMSI watching another IMAX movie, followed by a tour of the USS Blueback which is permanently moored there.

Susan's leg continues to heal beautifully, with one tiny patch (approx. 2 cm) remaining that seems to have a timetable of its own and is testing John's patience!


Lonely Paul said...


Anonymous said...

Susan & John,
It is wonderful that you got to experience "snow" while on your trip. I know that was something John had always wanted to see.:)

Bob said...

Very happy to hear how welcoming Susan and John's West Coast family have been! Extra bravery points to Susan for hanging in there and seeing so many wonderful, strangely beautiful things and places!

Don't know if there's a Ugandan translation (and this goes out to Susan, John, and all of the amazing people who have opened up their hearts and homes), but here goes: "You ROCK!" (in the American popular vernacular, that is)