Thursday, August 21, 2008

Shriner's Follow Up, Wednesday

This is Susan and her surgeon, Dr. Simon.
Dr. Simon performed the second surgery and checked the progress
on Wednesday. He said that everything looks perfect, and is healing the way they had hoped. Susan will still have to wear a conformer and special shirt for the next six months until the healing is complete.
The second picture is one of our wonderful care coordinators, Sandy. Sandy has been so helpful and provided John with the paperwork needed for Uganda. Thank you both.
(Susan may need one last visit on Monday.)

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Anonymous said...

Susan and John,
What an amazing experience to have you with us here in New York. You have touched so many families with your incredible story. Your courage, strength and sense of humor have inspired us all to be better people. While John may call me "Malalu" - we all love you both. Can't wait to see you in Uganda in February. OXOOX Theresa and Team Susan from New York.