Monday, May 12, 2008

They're Here! - Tubasanyukidde (Welcome)

A group of 8 enthusiastic members of Team Susan waited anxiously at Logan International Airport for the arrival of John and Susan. The team engaged each other with stories and they practiced Luganda, Susan's native language.

As with any airport pickup there was a little confusion. The team in one area - the travelers in another. The confusion was quickly replaced with excitement and smiles when Susan recognized the Engeye t-shirt. She pointed to the woman, who was Theresa, and the connection was made. The moment we have prayed about, planned for and at times thought would never happen was here....they were here....we were here...together!

Thank you Bill Hurley and Family for taking our picture.


Anonymous said...

As a member of "Team Susan" - it was wonderful to finally meet all the other members of the "team" and of course, meet John and Susan. We all became a family instantly. Susan was sweet and shy and John was warm and outgoing. They are taking in all the new things around them and we hope to have more photos go up every few days. Thanks to everyone who has already helped Susan and John - please spead the word! Theresa

Anonymous said...

In short: One of the BEST weekends of my life! --Lorrie