Thursday, May 29, 2008


Surgery was a success and Susan slept for much of the night. John stayed by her side every moment and felt the tremendous relief of knowing that a family member has made it through a difficult ordeal. All team members are so happy that the first phase has been completed and Susan's legs can now heal properly.

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Anonymous said...

How exciting that the first surgery is behind us and we can focus on Susan's recovery and plan for the next surgery. I was lucky to be one of the many "family" members there on the day of her surgery and Susan was so brave! It was so incredible to see the transformation of the shy, scared, expressionless girl who arrived at the airport 3 weeks ago - to a happy girl who is eager to learn English and wants to read, read, read. Susan now wants to return to Uganda to be a nurse and work at Engeye clinic. Thank you JACKIE LAMONT for all of your time, effort and support as Susan's "host mom." You have done so much more than we ever expected and you have made John and Susan's time here in the United States so much more than a "medical mission."